Auto delivery

Auto delivery

Auto delivery

In this fast pace world of today, we want everything to get as easy as possible. The one step process suits us all, whether we have to place orders, make payments or select and repeat an item. Waggfluence understands this and we ensure to take every possible step to make shopping and repeating orders a cakewalk for you all. That is why we are here with the auto delivery system which makes the supply of pet essentials even easier for you. Now you do not have to worry about your favourite products going out of stock or having even the minimum hassle to remember to place repeat orders. Let us know more about it.

Auto delivery or automatic delivery or automatic shipping is becoming increasingly popular because it streamlines shipping and makes repeat shopping more effective. When you sign up for pre-scheduled purchases and delivery, it saves you a lot of time and the effort of placing orders. In addition, it also saves money because of the discounts on auto delivery. By doing this you not only benefit yourself but also help our business be more sustainable. You can also add customisation features to auto- shipping programs to choose the frequency of deliveries and the quantity of the product being shipped. Because the auto-delivery is so convenient, you will wish to continue and stay with the program once you give it a try. Waggfluence is there for you because we honour your time, try to help you find a convenient way to get the products you need and without you even having to think about it.

Let us try to understand it by an example. Suppose there is this dog food which your pooch absolutely loves. Since it is also nutritious and good for your pet, you want to restock on it every month. All you need to do is set an auto delivery program for this dog food and we at Waggfluence will ensure that the particular brand of dog food is made available to you at your designated time each month without you having to worry about placing repeat order request for it. Also you do not have to worry about the particular dog food being out of stock at the time you want to order for it. This is because under the scheme of auto delivery, it is entirely our responsibility to make sure that the particular dog food reaches to you on time. So you have a fresh stock each month without you or your pooch fearing to go without it. Isn’t it a simple and marvellous way to shop your favourite products each time you need it.

Waggfluence is continuously trying to upgrade itself not just on the variety of products for your pets, but also on ways to make shopping easier, better and more money saver for you. Try our new feature and avail the attractive schemes we have to offer under it. For any queries or questions, feel free to write to us and we shall help you further. Till then keep shopping!

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