Gift your pet its own home this festive season

Gift your pet its own home this festive season

Gift your pet its own home this festive season

We know how much your pets love their own little corner of the room where you have laid down its bed or mat. Why not think of converting that space into a cute little house of their own? Waggfluence has brought some comfortable kennel and home designs for your dogs and cats and they are now available at attractive prices exclusively for you. This festive season, this could be a good idea to show your gratitude towards your fur baby for bringing so much sparkle in your life. Reciprocate the love by showering them with gifts they will truly love. They might not say Thank You in so many words but the love in their eyes and the wags of their tail speak volumes. Browse through these and let us know which one you think your canine or feline will love best.

Waggfluence foldable winter warm dog house kennel bed for small medium dogs and cats- What better gift for your fur baby than this cute warm kennel in exciting colors and patterns! This is great for the winters as it is made of coral fleece material in the exterior and features PP cotton filling to keep it snug and warm for the pets. It is also machine washable for easy care and maintenance. Since it is foldable, it is easy to store when not in use and also easy to carry on your outings. Feel delighted as you see your fur pal curl up in this warm and comfy home of his.

Waggfluence pet cat dog bed cushion square soft plush kennel pet sleep house waterproof- Give the home of your fur pal a touch of plush royalty as you get this elegant bed for them. The bed is made from high quality Oxford fabric which is durable and built to last; so you get perfect value for money. It is hand washable and easy to clean so that you need not have to worry about its maintenance. Being waterproof, the bed is protected from spills and accidents. Available in sizes from XS to XXL, you have the choice of getting the one that suits the weight of your pet. Your pet will surely love the comfort of the soft, plush cushioning. It is also great for aging dogs who suffer from bone pain or arthritis.

Waggfluence cute cat bed warm pet house kitten cave- We are sure you will fall in love with the look of this bed even before your kitty loves the feel of it. This cute cat bed is made from 100% soft cotton, making it the perfect place for your feline friend to curl up and take a nap. The base is quite grippy, so you won’t have to worry about the bed shifting while your cat moves in it. The walls of the kitten cave are strong and sturdy, providing the much needed support. The cozy washable cushion is reversible to fluff it up when it gets flattened by the weight of your kitty. Available in three sizes, this kitten cave suits cats of all breeds and sizes.

Waggfluence donut cat bed pet cat tunnel cave- As a cat parent you must be aware of how much they love their privacy. This donut shaped tunnel cave provides them the refuge they need so much. The semi enclosed design gives them the cozy private space whereas its detachable feature makes it easy to take apart and wash. It is made of high quality, weather resistant felt material which is quite sturdy and durable. Give your kitty the perfect napping spot and a great house to curl up in.

These and more beds, hammocks, mats, kennels and pens are waiting to be picked by you to be the comfy home of your fur baby. These are all quality checked and are pet friendly so as to provide maximum comfort to your four legged friend. Poor and cheap quality beddings can cause various problems like sleep deprivation, bone and muscle pain which might lead to arthritis and anxiety due to uncomfortable sleeping postures. Waggfluence recommends you to go with these and give your fur pal the best and the safest sleeping haven. They are great for aging dogs that suffer from bone ailments or arthritis. In addition they all also look good to give your home corner a classy look. Waggfluence believes in providing only the best, but for new online shoppers who are hesitant to buy or feel trapped by online purchasing, we have a total refund policy if you do not like the product. So shop stress free and gift your fur friend a happy and healthy napping place of their own!

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