Cleanliness is next to Dog-liness

Cleanliness is next to Dog-liness

Cleanliness is next to Dog-liness

Health is where hygiene is. As pet parent it is very important for you to keep your dog clean and smelling wonderful. Clean dogs are healthier, happier and more fun to be around, right? Dogs are susceptible to be infested by ticks and fleas, so it is all the more important to keep them clean in order to keep infections at bay. Since you and your family plays with him, it is all the more necessary to keep your dog clean as you do not want to carry his bad odour or his infections around. Some easy tips to follow can sure help you in this.

Dogs love their outdoor sojourns and so do you. When you take them out, the trail could be grassy, muddy or concrete. Any surface may lead to dirty paws at the end of their walk. To ensure their cleanliness, it is of first importance to keep their paws clean. Waggfluence viral pet portable dog paw washer is an excellent product to help you in this. The gentle silicone bristles helps remove dirt and mud keeping the mess in the feet washer and not in your house.

Giving your dogs a bath leaves them fresh and happy at the end of it. There is nothing like a refreshing bath to take the tiredness away. To remove the dust from its coat and to massage the skin of your fur baby, Waggfluence dog and cat shampoo massager is very comfortable and relaxing. The massage brush is non-toxic and environmentally friendly and is helpful to remove the loose furs easily.

After giving your pet a bath, it is important to dry them quickly so as to not damage their skin and fur. Residual moisture in their skin can cause skin irritation and redness, so dry them out completely if they get wet in rain or after bath. Waggfluence dog bath robe for small and large dogs come in handy and useful at this time. If your pooch is reluctant to wear a bath robe, you may alternatively try Waggfluence quick drying pet dog and cat water absorbing soft fiber towels.

Waggfluence Must Have Dog Hair De-shedding Brush is specially designed to remove shedding hair from your dog quickly and easily. Simply brush your dog with the Waggfluence brush and watch the shedding hair disappear! The Waggfluence brush is also great for massaging your dog and promoting a healthy coat.

In addition to keep them clean, it is also important to keep their bed clean. Throw them in washing machine every couple of days to keep unwanted odours out of the house. Oral care is another important aspect that should not be ignored at any stage of the dogs. Brushing their teeth is important but if your dog is not eager to do it, you may try some chewy toys that are designed to remove food bits from within their teeth and also massage their gums. Waggfluence interactive natural rubber pet tooth cleaning and treat dispenser ball can be used for this.

At Waggfluence, we care for every need of your pet and hope you like to do your online pet stuff shopping with us. Let your pet waggle in delight!

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