National rescue dog day

National rescue dog day

National rescue dog day

When and if people think of being ready to be a dog parent, it is always a cute pup, a couple of days old that comes into mind. How many of us actually think of adopting a senior dog into our lives? Scarcely, right? Give a thought to those dogs who have been abandoned by some reason or who have found refuge in shelter homes because they were abused by their previous owners. These dogs crave for even a little love as what they have seen in their lives so far was not humane to say the least.

Every year May 20th is celebrated as National Dog rescue day and makes people aware of how much they could do good to themselves and the homeless dog by adopting one. According to the ASPCA, approximately 3.3 million dogs enter shelters every year, these abandoned and abused animals need our love and are ready to provide comfort and love to their adopters. Rescue dogs are capable of much more as they often overcome extreme obstacles. With training, they contribute to the independence of people with disabilities as service animals and provide companionship to the elderly.

Rescue dogs can be very therapeutic too. Children or adults with autism may benefit from trained rescue dogs. Being friends and emotional anchors, they help relieve anxiety, depression or mental illness. They help bring a sense of belongingness and infuse happiness, thereby improving human conditions by leaps and bounds, literally. They promise of love, friendship and kindness if you promise them the same.

There are various ways to contribute in the cause that celebrates rescuing dogs. If you are not prepared to bring one home, you may be their foster parent. Help in the journey of a lot of organization which pledge safety of these dogs by funding for them as much as you can. You can donate meals or help them connect with potential owners. You may also be volunteers at such shelter homes and shower them with love and care. Take them out on walks or play with them to make them feel loved and wanted. You are also welcome to share stories with us if you have contributed to this cause in any way.

This day is a lot about the waning virtues of empathy; it is also a day to celebrate the love in you. Not every person can understand someone else’s struggle and pain in life and work to alleviate it. You are doing a great deed by caring for the emotional well-being of these rescue dogs. This timeless quality in you is much appreciated. Let us help find a ‘fur’ ever home to our furry friends in shelter.

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