Do you have rabbits as pets?

Do you have rabbits as pets?

Do you have rabbits as pets?

If your answer is yes, you sure seem to be in love with small pets. Cute creatures like rabbits are great to have as pets because they are so less demanding and very much on their own. They do not like to be picked up like pups or kittens do, simply because they get startled by it and think of you as a possible predator. In general rabbits need appropriate housing, exercise, socialization and a specific diet for good welfare. Waggfluence encourages all to have pets as friends and has a few rabbit essentials to help you sail through your journey as a rabbit parent.

Waggfluence rabbit harness and leash set- Take your rabbits out on walks without having to worry that they would hurt themselves. With this harness and leash set, you have it safe and under your control at all times. It is comfortable and easy to use and is specifically designed for rabbits while you explore the outdoors with your cuddly pet. Since it is durable and built to last, you do not have to think about replacing it every now and then and thus it makes a good buy. It is available in a number of colours to help you choose from.

Waggfluence rabbit litter box- As rabbit parent, you would want an easy and convenient method to clean their litter box. Waggfluence rabbit litter box is made of durable, stain and odor resistant plastic. It is perfect for adult rabbits as well because the bottom is reinforced to withstand small animals of 3-8 kg. You will love this box because of the ease to empty it while cleaning. The drawer design makes it easy to clean out the litter without having to unlock the entire box. Just remove the drawer, pour out the trash, put the mat, replace the drawer and you are done. It has a buckle design to hold the litter tray securely to the cage, thus preventing the rabbits from dragging the toilet.

Waggfluence hideaway tunnel toy for small pets- This cute hideaway tunnel gives the rabbits a feel of being in natural habitat. It is made of high quality cotton and linen and lined with natural hay for that natural feel. The tunnel grass nest restores the pet’s nature of drilling holes and relieves them of boredom while they play with it. These are comfortable in summer and warm in winter, so the rabbits will love it all throughout the year. Breathable, comfortable, rural style and high quality; could you ask for anything more?

Waggfluence rabbit chew toys- Chew toys for pets are a great way to relieve their boredom and keep them engaged for hours. This rabbit chew toy is made of natural materials and helps provide your rabbit with the much necessary mental stimulation. Chewing this toy also helps to keep their teeth healthy and clean. Give your rabbit the gift of health and happiness by getting this chew toy home.

Waggfluence wooden chew toy for small pets, good for teeth and digestion for rabbits, guinea pig and molars- When in stress or in anxiety or to relieve boredom, you do not have to find ways to cheer your rabbit up. Just give this chew toy to them and keep them entertained for long periods of time. Rabbits need to grind their teeth and this toy comes as a solution to that. Made of natural materials, it is ideal for playing, entertainment and exercise. It is also good for digestion and can help relieve intestinal inflammation. Engage your rabbits in this pleasant activity to help them stay happy and healthy.

Owning a rabbit and taking care of it is not difficult if you have your trusted friend, Waggfluence available at the click of a button. Let the cute creatures with their hoppy legs and iconic ears bring lots of love and happiness to your lives!

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