Are you thinking of giving away your dog for adoption

Are you thinking of giving away your dog for adoption

Are you thinking of giving away your dog for adoption

It is never easy to part with your dog who has been your companion for as long as it has. Making the decision to say goodbye is always emotionally very draining and remains a challenge directly proportional to how much you love it. You may have decided to give your dog away for one of the multiple reasons which include not having enough time for him, moving to a new house which is not pet friendly, your family members having pet allergies, shifting places where it is difficult to make journey with your dog or any reason whatsoever. Irrespective of the cause, the decision is always with a heavy heart and grief. If you are to give your dog for adoption there are a few things you should consider.

Review the reasons- If your reason to abandon your dog can be resolved, then try giving it a thought first. In case of a family member’s allergy to pets, see if any medication can make it right. If your living arrangement restriction does not allow you to shift with a pet, think of renting out other places if you can. In case it is due to time constraint on your part to take care of another being, consider the possibility of taking him to a doggie daycare or hire a dog sitter.

Make it a family decision- If after trying out all possible recourse available, you still need to give your dog away, then make sure to involve every family member in it. Discuss the reasons why your pooch cannot be with you all anymore and why it is best to find it a new home. Give some time to everyone to accept the harsh reality of the situation so as to make things emotionally easier to cope up with.

Finding a new home- This is the most important part of giving your dog away. Ask your friends, family and colleagues if they know anyone who is willing to adopt a dog. This way you will feel better as you already know the new parent to be of your dog and you can trust them to take proper care of him. If you do not get a positive reply from people you know, try advertising it by putting fliers at pet stores or veterinarians’ clinics. If you hear from them, then interview the potential adopters to find out if they would be a good match to your pet. Make sure they have the kind of home your pet would need and the required time to walk or feed your pet.

Make the move- When you finally zero in on the new home your pet would go to, fix a date convenient for both parties to make the move. Fixing a date means a kind of meeting an emotional deadline too which cannot be extended. Make sure to bring your entire dog’s possession with you to its new home. Old toys, beds, food dishes, leash and any bags of food that you may have will give your dog some sense of familiarity in its new abode.

Dealing with emotions- This is one thing that each have to decide on their own. Dealing with parting grief is not easy especially if you have been close companions. Say a proper goodbye to your dog but do not overdo it in order to make things overwhelming for all. The first few days will be the worst and it is best to engage yourself in work or entertainment to bide your free hours. Talk it out with your close ones to vent out your feelings. Visit a counsellor if the grief is too much for you to handle on your own.

Remember that whatever be the journey of giving your dog away for adoption, feel confident that you have done the right thing. Blaming yourself for anything makes matters worse and difficult to get by. As long as it was, you were good friends and parting is just a way of life.


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