New pet beds for a comfy rest

New pet beds for a comfy rest

New pet beds for a comfy rest

We know how much a good sleep is vital for the healthy functioning of body, whether it is for us humans or our pets. Getting them comfortable bed should be a first priority when getting a pet home. At Waggfluence, we have talked about it earlier as well and had on display a lot of pet friendly, high quality beds for your dogs and cats. We are constantly upgrading on the existing products so that as pet parents you have more options to choose from. When you have these beds for your fur babies, they are going to nap better and wake up more rejuvenated and energetic. Let us see what new Waggfluence has to offer..

Waggfluence cool summer dog and cat bed- For more hot and humid climates, your pet needs a bed that keeps it cool and airy. This summer bed is made of breathable mesh fabric and high resilience sponge to give a comfortable feel to your fur friends. The wear resistant oxford cloth is impermeable to water, so it is great to use outdoors as well if you lounge in your backyard or go camping on a picnic with your pet. It is easy to carry and the pets love it for the cool effect in the hot days. Available in quite a few attractive colours and sizes, you can choose the one best suited for your little one.

Waggfluence wooden cat scratcher lounge bed- Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a lounge bed for your cat which would also enhance your home décor? Well, this wooden lounge bed is exactly that. Made of sturdy wood with raised sides, it is perfect for your kitty to spread out, scratch and relax at the same time. The natural wood finish gives it an elite look and complements any home décor well. It will additionally reduce the amount of scratching your feline does on your other furniture making it a win-win situation for both of you. Scratching it keeps the nails healthy and trimmed so it serves the purpose of cat grooming in a way too.

Waggfluence washable calming bed- Your pet loves to be around you whether you are in your bedroom or living room. Those hardwood floors require a slip resistant bed with non-skid bottom which can prevent shifting and thus work great. This calming bed is designed to suit this and create a safe and cosy space for them to relax. It is made of super soft plush fleece and is long lasting, making it a buy that gives value for money. The dog crate mat is shed resistant and comfortable and you are going to love to see him take his naps so safely and soundly.

Waggfluence big dog bed sofa- A corner in your room for your pooch to spread out relaxed and king style should be reserved for nothing short of this elegant sofa bed. This sophisticated pet cushion is made from high quality corduroy cloth and features a removable cover for easy cleaning. The bed is available in three attractive colours; red, chocolate and gray, so you can choose one that complements your dog’s personality and your home décor. The bed has cushions which are thick and padded for maximum comfort and their anti-skid property makes it safe to use. Keep your dog from sliding around in this bed and love the choice you made for your friend by gifting him this lovely sofa bed.

These and more pet beds at Waggfluence are designed to keep your pet happy and safe. With attractive discounts available as of now, it is the best time to make these purchases. Get set to buy your pet supplies for a stress free shopping!
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