Give a thought to stray animals this Diwali

Give a thought to stray animals this Diwali

Give a thought to stray animals this Diwali

Diwali is a festival that celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is time we burn the demons inside us too and be more empathetic and patient to all around us. Diwali can be a stressful time for pets and stray animals. The loud noise of crackers and the flickering lights make them nervous and disoriented. You may keep your pets indoors and try to keep your home as soundproof as possible so as to cause minimum damage to their psyche. But how many of us think about the strays? It is time to give a thought about the shivering, shaking and restless strays too this year. Waggfluence is not just another online pet supplies store. We advocate love and compassion for all animals. That is why this is a humble request to all to celebrate Diwali more responsibly and kindheartedly. For all of us who want to know the impact of Diwali on the animals, here’s a short note.

The behavior of dogs- Dogs are extremely sensitive to sound. This is because they have a stronger hearing power. A dog’s hearing ability is seven times more than humans. When it is difficult for us to bear the loud noise of crackers, imagine what the poor dogs have to go through. Since they are easily susceptible to high decibel sounds, they get scared and this causes immense stress to them. They lose their sense of judgment and get confused. In extreme cases the stress due to loud noise causes multiple organ failure and even death of these animals.

Pollution levels during Diwali- The fireworks are made of toxic substances and after they burn they leave behind smoke and smog that remains suspended in the air. The animals cannot withstand the sudden changes in the surroundings and it is worse with the strays because they have no shelter. The possible signs of stress other than whining and fear include loss of appetite, salivation and vomiting. For those who feed strays, it is important to feed them well before fireworks begin so as to avoid their throwing up or feeling nauseous.

What we can do for them :

As pet lovers, it is important to be kind and empathetic towards stray animals. We should be vigilant that they are not harmed during this festival. Some people seem to have fun by tying strings of crackers around the tails of dogs and bursting them Isn’t it evil to derive pleasure out of a helpless dog howling under the effect of burning crackers on its body? Many strays show burn marks on them post Diwali because some people are insensitive towards their pain and burn crackers beside them.

As responsible citizens we should create awareness of being kind towards stray animals during this festive season. People should have a designated area to burn crackers and any animal should be kept away from the vicinity. Keeping water bowls for them is kindness as most dogs feel dehydrated from all the stress and turmoil. It is important to keep changing the water too as the water may soon become contaminated from all the dust and ash of the crackers. Those who have indoor parking could open their doors for the stray dogs so that they can find safe refuge. Dogs hide under the cars because of the scare of loud noise, so it is good to check for the dogs before driving off. Preparing a meal for them on this occasion of festivity goes a long way to show our kindness towards all.

Throwing the waste of burnt crackers should be done responsibly so that the animals don’t step on it and get burnt or hurt. Educational awareness should be undertaken in schools before Diwali. Urge everyone around you to use eco-friendly crackers that emit less smoke and are thus less harmful to all.

Every year numerous cases of cruelty come to light during this festival. Let us not turn this time of celebration into a time of nightmare for any. A festival that is supposed to bring happiness should not bring distress or cause trauma to the stray animals. Since the animals are mute, it is inhuman to consider that they have no feelings too. This Diwali we at Waggfluence urge all to light up lives too in addition to lighting Diya's and crackers. Wish you all a happy, safe and compassionate Diwali!

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