Tips for pet care this winter

Tips for pet care this winter

Tips for pet care this winter

Before the winter chill sets in full force, it is a great idea to take a few precautions to ensure a healthy and happy winter for your Fido. Since this season is when the temperature drops, having adequate winter clothing isn’t enough to combat the effects of cold. It is therefore a time when our pets need extra care and we should be ready to meet that demand. The dreary cold months also have a depressing effect on the dogs. So in addition to taking care of their needs, it is also important to keep them engaged and happy. For new pet parents, it is all the more important to realize the effects and implications of changing weather. Let us see what steps we can undertake to ensure that all stays well in these winter months.

Limiting outdoor time in winter- One cannot just confine the pets indoor all day as long as the cold season lasts. But it is best to avoid early mornings and late evenings when the temperature gets to its lowest. Afternoons are good and if there is some sun shining, it is all the more better. Take your canine out for a walk and some play time during such hours and let them enjoy the bliss of sunlight in winter season. It is important to exercise during winters to keep them warm. Encourage them to run or play games that require a lot of physical activity.

Clothe them appropriately for winters- It is a myth that canines have fur and so feel less cold than humans. In fact the dogs take as much time to adjust to lower temperatures and need winter clothing to keep them warm. While indoors and more importantly while taking them out on walks, be careful to have their woolens on. A jacket to block the icy wind or a sweater to keep the chill away is a good idea. Special care should be taken to ensure that their paws are warm. Any snow between their toes may cause painful frostbite. Make them wear dog shoes or woolen socks to combat the icy floor indoors or cold streets when on a walk. A woolen cap would be nice to keep the chill off the ears and head. Get them warm mats or dog beds and add a blanket to lie on and ensure that they never sit on the floor directly. 

Increase the intervals between bath time- Grooming is essential for canines during winters as their coat gets dry and the flaky skin may cause itchiness and bruises when scratched. Giving them cold water bath is obviously a complete no no. But giving them warm water baths should also be put off until required. When you give them a bath, ensure that you dry them completely well and leave no wet skin. Avoid taking them out directly after bath so as to let them adjust to the temperature change. Moisturize them well so as to ensure that the skin and coat does not get itchy due to dryness. 

Make your home pet proof for heat sources- During this season, people have heaters in their rooms to keep them warm. Pets may get too close to the heater to cuddle up or take a nap and this may result in their coat getting burned. Also there is a chance of their getting electric shock if they tamper with it playfully. If you have a fire place or a wood burning stove, make sure that these remain inaccessible to the pets so that any kind of accident is averted.

Food and water- Hydration is very important for effective dog winter care, but the cold weather discourages your pet from drinking their usual quota of water. You can make up for it by making them some warm drinks like including chicken or vegetable soup and broths in their diet. Increasing their protein intake is also recommended and it is best to consult your vet before making any changes in their diet plan. Dogs burn more energy to keep themselves warm in winter, so they may need some extra food to keep healthy. Make sure not to over feed them and that they get their share of exercise too. 

Caring for your dog in winters is easy if you follow these requisite guidelines. Any symptom of uneasiness should be dealt with immediately by contacting your vet to ensure that the cold is not getting on to them. Waggfluence has a collection of dog sweaters, dog beds, woolen caps for dogs and more to keep you ready for the season. Explore through the range of fall collection and place your orders. Wishing you a cozy and fun filled winter with your pooch!

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