Guide to buying indoor playpens for your dog

Guide to buying indoor playpens for your dog

Guide to buying indoor playpens for your dog

All work and no play, makes Tommy a dull boy. It is true; our pooch needs time and space to play irrespective of its age and size. Whether it is with you and your family members, with your other pets or with his toys, his play time is important for his physical and mental growth. As pet parents you cannot let your pooch play all around the house as there is a danger of getting hurt or the chance that they might chew on your belongings, not to mention the cleaning afterward that you will have to take care of. To avoid all of these, you can get him a playpen, his exclusive space of interest and an abode he can call his own.

When choosing the right playpen for your dog, think about its size and needs. If you have a young pup, do not go for a small playpen as it will soon outgrow it and you will need to buy another. For larger breeds consider buying a robust one because you will not want him cooped in a cage and neither will he. A foldable one with good quality material seems a perfect solution to your problem.

Considering various aspects of the needs of a dog, Waggfluence has come up with foldable portable dog play pen which gives your pet the liberty to play while enclosing them in a place close to you. It is great to prevent mess when you do not want to be disturbed and at the same time let your energetic pooch be happy playing. You can also carry it outdoors on a picnic or to a friend’s place. The handy carrying bag makes it easy to carry the tent, store it in a car trunk or put it away when not in use.

Playpens are safe and reliable but we at Waggfluence advise not to leave your dog in it unattended for long hours. Throw in a couple of toys to keep them busy if you have guests over or you need to do some work without being distracted by him. If you need to keep him in for more than two hours, ensure that they have food and water in there. You want them to enjoy their play pen time and not think of it as confinement or punishment.

Playpens are definitely a sound purchase for any pet parent as a seasoned one will tell you how useful it has been for them at all times. Let your dog’s playtime be more fun and let us at Waggfluence help you in this today and always!

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