Pet safety tips to follow

Pet safety tips to follow

Pet safety tips to follow

Just as we love and worry for our children, we do so in case of our adopted kids i.e. our pets too. There are times when one has to leave him unattended if you need to go out or if you are having a nap and he is left to loiter all around the house. Some pet safety tips are going to come in handy for you to ensure that all stays well and secure. After all you do not want an accident to happen and make things troublesome for the two of you.

House safety- Just like you child proof your house if you have a toddler, you have to pet proof your house when having a pup or a kitty as a member. Keeping sharp objects and cleaning things away from their reach at all times. Any cookware or heavy utensils on the counter may fall and hurt your fur baby, so keep them stashed in cabinets appropriately. Trash bins should be locked or secured because while your pet may enjoy rummaging through it, you are not going to while cleaning up the mess.

House plants which are toxic or has spines should be done away with as unwanted accidents may happen in case of negligence. Dangling wires and electrical equipment must be kept secured and in a way so as to not hurt your pet in any way. Any small object like your children’s toys should be kept away because they might cause choking hazards if your pet decides to play and chew it.

Car safety- It goes without saying that you should keep your pet secured while travelling. Waggfluence must have cat and dog seat belt helps you maintain this regulation. Carry a mat like Waggfluence car waterproof portable liner to make him feel comfortable and also to help you in minimizing your job of cleaning the seat off its fallen furs.

Outdoor safety- While on a walk always keep him leashed and safe. Waggfluence retractable dual pet leash comes as a great option. Be attentive to what he is sniffing and eating on the trail as dogs love to do that. In a pool never leave him unattended and use floats if he is a new or reluctant swimmer. For fun you may use Waggfluence swimming pool floats for dogs to keep him interested in pool and grow accustomed to it.

While alone in the house- if you have to leave your pet for long hours unattended at home, buying Waggfluence pet camera might prove to be a good investment. It will help you see and talk real time to your pet, alleviating his loneliness and also keeping vigil on his activities. Since it works in darkness also, it comes in as a great help if you tend to get late at work.

Easy and simple alert tricks like these are going to make your life easier and your pet’s much safer. For more pet essentials we are always eager to serve you better.


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