Leash your dog in style

Leash your dog in style

Leash your dog in style

You and your pet make a super couple. We are sure when you venture out to give your dog a walk or play with him in a park; all eyes love the camaraderie between the two of you. To enhance the swag already created by you two, we at Waggfluence have some stylish leash that is going to prove a great buy. Fancy in its look and efficient in its work, these leashes are all made keeping the two of you in mind. Let us check these out!

  • Waggfluence dog leash for easy daily run- If you and your pet love to go jogging, you need a long leash so that you don’t feel like you are stepping on your pet’s heels. This four feet long leash which can stretch to five ensures the same. The leash has an easy control with a hands-on approach on the handle by your hip. Use the collar handle for more direct control in tight situations. The radiant reflective stitching that runs the length of the leash ensures visibility on your late evening runs and makes it a safe buy.
  • Waggfluence fashionable hands free smart design led dog leash- When you walk your dog in an open area this leash with one hand braking, release and recoiling system works just great. Equipped with LED front lighting and colour changing breathing lights on both sides make it easy to walk in areas not lit well. The ergonomic TPE anti slip handle ensures better and soft grip making it comfortable for you.
  • Waggfluence waterproof long leash for dog recall training, outdoor hiking, beach swimming- We know how much you fret over dirty leashes after a run with your dog or the leash getting spoiled if it gets wet. Worry not. With this long, waterproof, easy to clean and maintain leash you will not think twice before heading for a beach run with some strides in the water too.
  • Waggfluence retractable dual pet leash- As a parent of more than one pet we understand your need of a dual pet leash so that you can walk both of them safely together. The dual colour leashes indicate which one of them needs controlling. Both the dogs can walk up to 10 feet when attached to the leash while the leash spins automatically. The reflective leads make it safe to walk them at night.


A variety of colour and make of the leashes at Waggfluence gives you freedom to choose what you think suits you best. For more pet supplies online, keep browsing, keep buying!

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