How good a pet parent are you

How good a pet parent are you

How good a pet parent are you

Pets bring so much love and laughter in our lives. They awaken a part of our soul that we had no idea even existed. They shower their unconditional love on us and in turn teach us to be better versions of ourselves. Having such agreeable friends in our life, isn’t it time to pause and think what kind of pet parent are we? Whether you have been long time parents or very recent ones, you should read this and analyze for yourself how good a pet parent are you.

Love and care- All that our pets demand from us is love and a bond that is special to both of us. A sense of closeness and loyalty is what makes the bond between a pet and pet parent a feeling to cherish. Ask yourself whether you reciprocate the love you get from your pet. Do you just go on with your work when your pet approaches you with maybe some expectation of a big hug? Your pet should not be just your responsibility to shoulder or another animal you have adopted on an impulse. Your pet should feel that they are a part of your family; your four legged babies. Love them as you would love any other family member and you are sure to be rewarded with much more.

Commitment and time- When adopting a pet, it should be your foremost question to yourself whether you will be able to devote ample time towards their care and emotional well being. Your fur baby looks forward to spending time with their hooman parents and the least you can do is commit yourself towards making sure you do. Having a pet is going to be a journey that requires a promise to care for them throughout their lifetime. A good pet parent is aware of their commitment and plan accordingly so as to have enough free time to play with their pet, groom them, take them out on walks and make them feel loved.

Sense of responsibility- The best pet parents arm themselves with requisite knowledge of bringing up a pet and treating them with affection before embarking on their journey of being a pet parent. Their responsibility encompasses all that is needed for the safety and health of their fur baby. Getting them their requisite vaccinations, taking them on regular vet visits, grooming them properly so as to keep them hygienic, feeding them on time and feeding them healthy, all qualify as traits of a good parent. It is every responsible pet parent that ensures their homes are pet proof, that they secure harnesses designed for road travelling and that they clean up after their pets. Creating an enriching, comfortable and pet friendly environment goes a long way in strengthening the bond between the two of you.

Keep learning- A good pet parent is in a phase of constant and continuous learning process. There is never the ‘I know it all’ arrogance in them. As one becomes more familiar with their breed and pet characteristics, they become better equipped to help them grow. Every stage of your dog or cat is different and a good pet parent modifies the eating and exercising regimen of their pets in accordance. A good pet parent is always encouraging their pets to learn more and never miss an opportunity to teach them more tricks and fun games. They make themselves educative of any disease their pet may be vulnerable to and prepare themselves to be ready to face any kind of emergency situation.

Being a better dog or cat parent isn’t a tough task. Empathy, love and patience makes it all super easy. Your pets have a knack of knowing your love for them and they are quick to reciprocate in doubles. It can be a very rewarding feel to know someone loves you so much for such little endeavor on your part. Waggfluence loves the fact that you recognize the need of your pets and provide the best to them. That is why you are a part of the Waggfluence family and we are so proud to have you here. For better pet parenting tips, ideas, pet essentials and more keep visiting us. Let us nurture our bond the similar way we nurture our bond with our dear furry friends!

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