Pawfect Halloween

Pawfect Halloween

Pawfect Halloween

Halloween- the name spells a lot of excitement, drama, costumes and of course unlimited fun. We have all had our share of dressing up and trick or treat customary celebration. The day holds more popularity among children who love to go “guising” and collect chocolates and goodies from friends and neighbors. Costumes and masks of vampires, ghosts, skeletons, scary looking witches and devils are an integral part of the celebration. Parents dress their kids up in these for the day and love the thrill that goes along with it.

Like all parents, Halloween is a day to look forward to by pet parents too. According to a 2018 report from the National Retail Federation, 30 million Americans spent an estimated $480 million on Halloween costumes for their pets that year. Such is the popularity of the day for pets that Waggfluence, being your favorite pet store, has amazing ideas and costumes on sale for your pets to get in the spirit of the day, quite literally. Let us explore a few options and then decide the one that goes best for our own little furry baby.

Waggfluence Halloween funny pet pumpkin costume cosplay for dogs and cats- Pumpkin costumes remain the most popular among all for this day. This cute and bright costume is designed out of high quality material and is available in various sizes to fit your dog or cat. It features an orange pumpkin bodysuit with a green stem and leaves. Comfortable and stylish, this one is sure going to make your fur baby the talk of the party.

Waggfluence cute Halloween pet costumes cosplay vampire cloak for small dog cat kitten puppy- The new parents are always the most excited when it comes to dressing up their little one. It holds true for new pet parents as well. This costume is for small dogs or puppies and kittens only. It features a solid black color with an attached red hood and is made of high quality polyester material. This fun and stylish cape is going to impart that cute evil look to your little baby.

Waggfluence cat Halloween cape cat cloak cosplay costume- For all those of you who wish to give that unique look to your cat this Halloween, this costume is a must buy for you. The black cape with a matching hood is made of high quality material and features a Velcro closure for easy on and off. So if your kitty is fussy over wearing costumes, this one suits perfectly as you simply have to slip it over their head and secure the Velcro closure. It is available in three sizes to fit most cats, so refer the size hart before making the purchase. For easy maintenance, the cape is machine washable and so you can wash and keep it away for future.

Waggfluence new pet dog cat bat wing cosplay prop headwear- Give your cat some wings and it is ready to fly!! Create a fascinating figure as you dress your kitty in these bat wings made of black felt cloth. The light texture makes it a fuss free wear for your cat. The neck and chest straps are designed with a magic sticker and the size adjustment is very convenient. This costume is different and unique, so it is a must try to impart that mysterious cool feeling of the bat to your cat. To make the costume more durable, the reinforced belt is used in the chest strap. Buy it and see how your kitty gets the maximum clicks from the onlookers.

Waggfluence Halloween cape ghost pet transformation costume for dogs- Give your dog the scariest look this Halloween by dressing it up in this ghost costume. It is designed to fit dogs of all sizes and so consult the size chart before placing orders. Made of high quality cloth, it features a solid pattern and is perfect for all weathers. Give your dog a howling good time and store this away for happy memories.

These costumes are selling like hot cakes, so buy yours before they are off the shelves. They are all designed keeping the comfort, safety and uniqueness of the idea in mind. This is why you will never regret making Halloween purchases from here. Click as many pictures of your little one dressed evil and make wonderful memories to last. Happy shopping!

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