It’s picnic time!

It’s picnic time!

It’s picnic time!

With summer receding and weather becoming slightly cooler, getting outdoors is what we are all looking forward to. It is not only us but also our pets who wish to spend some time outdoors and enjoy the natural beauty around. A perfect weekend is one where we get to spend quality time in a relaxing atmosphere with our friends, both furry and humans. How about a picnic time with your pet? Won’t it be marvelous to lie down and enjoy the greenery around and the blue of the skies above? If you are worried about how to manage things with your pet, we have you covered. At Waggfluence, we have arranged a picnic kit to help you get things ready for a take-off to a picnic land.

Waggfluence portable folding pet tent dogs cats house for outdoors- An outdoor pet enclosure like this will keep your pet safe and happy outdoors. While you lie down on the grass or have a game with your friend, you feel relaxed that your pet is enclosed in the tent and happy with his toys and you don’t have to worry about his bounding off to unknown territory and get lost. The tent is large enough for multiple pets and the zipper door is widened to 21.5 inches in diameter. The installation and disassembly of the tent is very simple. The portable and lightweight design makes the transportation easier and more convenient.

Waggfluence outdoor travel water bottle 5 color- While travelling with your pet, this water bottle is excellent and easy to carry. You can feed water to your pet with just a one-hand operation. A silica gel seal ring ensures the water does not leak into your bag. Carry this in your picnic bag to make sure your dog is well hydrated at all times.

Waggfluence avocado edible catnip wall ball- Carrying some toys to keep your pet engaged is an excellent idea while on a picnic. This edible catnip wall ball is a great toy for your pet as it serves the dual purpose of keeping your dog’s breath fresh and also keep him involved constructively.

Luxe pup collapsible silicone travel bowl set- Perfect for travelling and camping, this bowl set is great for all size animals. Satiate your furry friend’s hydration and feeding needs by carrying this bowl set made from food-grade BPA free silicone. It is strong, lightweight with a hard plastic rim for extra stability.

With these pet essentials at Waggfluence, there is no reason why you should be putting off that picnic plan with your four-legged friend. Enjoy, have fun and log onto Waggfluence for a great shopping experience for pet stuff.

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