Summer special!

Summer special!

Summer special!

The heat is scorching and unbearable these days. Not only us, but our pets are also reeling under the effects of summer temperature. At Waggfluence, we understand how much you want to cool down and beat the heat. The same goes for your pet as well. Keeping this in mind we have brought together a few summer pet essentials for your furry friend to enjoy and have fun with. Get these gifts and let your pet beat the heat with style.

Waggfluence dog mat cooling summer pad mat for dogs- This pad mat is made of cooling fabric and your dog is going to love stretching and relaxing on it. With its breathable mesh cloth, it provides a comfy padding just right for summer time. The sweat absorbing terry cloth makes it dry and hygienic to use. It is available in a variety of colours and sizes so that you can choose the right one for your fur baby.

Waggfluence dog inflatable sprinkler play cooling mat swimming pool- This amazing sprinkler play cooling mat is a great way to help bond your dog with your kids. Let them enjoy the sprinkles of water and love as they relish the time on the mat with each other. The drainage is quick and convenient with a large drainage hole and multiple suction holes. The installation is simple and can be folded, easy to transport and store. Isn’t this a lovely way to enjoy the summers as well?

Waggfluence swimming pool floats for dogs- What better way to beat the heat than jump into the pool and drop the temperature of your body? If your doggo does not like swimming, get him this raft and let him be a company to you in the pool. This pool float has two holes on the bottom of each side for water to flow out, making your pet relax in the summer heat. The outside of the float is covered with a nylon oxford cloth which ensures the dog won’t bite and scratch the material with its paw.

Waggfluence new pet bath head tool comfortable massager shower- Give a relaxing bath to your pooch with this massage shower and he will sure love it in this hot weather. This massage bath head gives a calming and soothing rub to the body while giving a cool bath with the nozzle. Get this for your pooch this summer and make it easy to bide the weather with pleasure.

Waggfluence presents you these and a lot of more pet stuff to help you this summer. Get these home and see how much your pet loves your gifts. With such wonderful summer essentials your pet  will never want summer to go away!


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