New grooming essentials for your fur baby!

New grooming essentials for your fur baby!

New grooming essentials for your fur baby!

We love how much you care for your furry friend and get grooming essentials for him to look dapper. That is why we are constantly upgrading on the pet grooming essentials so that you find newer and better ways to help him look super cool. These pet supplies take gentle care of your fur baby and also help maintain the hygiene prowess of your fur kid. Let us look at some of them.

Waggfluence electric hair grooming shedding remover trimmer dog puppy cat pet- Trimming your pets’ hair was never easier or better. This trimmer is suitable for dogs, cats and other pets with hair. It works gently without hurting the pet. What makes it superior from the rest of its genre is that any pressure on the impeller will stop the motor thereby keeping the tails and fingers safe. The safety torque motor is quiet and safe. Get this home for its multifarious purpose as along with pet grooming, it is great for clean-ups of bedding, sofa and car seat.

Waggfluence professional pet foot hair trimmer for dog grooming- To groom pet hair, this trimmer can be used on pet face, pet paw, pet ass and pet ear. It is convenient to use with USB charging facility. It has a great service life with the use of a button up and down switch design. The stainless-steel material makes it rust free and you can feel smooth during the grooming.

Waggfluence electric dog nail clippers, rechargeable USB charging for dog grooming- For nail clipping, look no further than this electric dog nail clippers. It is equipped with an ultra-quiet but powerful motor that gently removes thin layers of the nail. You will love it for the feature that it makes minimal noise and vibration. The special coated pet-friendly grinder rotates at just the right gentle speed, preventing friction burn. Since it is USB chargeable, it is one of the benefits that you will love.

These and more pet grooming essentials at Waggfluence are hand picked to ensure that you get the best for your fur baby. Easy and convenient to use and pocket-friendly too, these pet stuffs are just what you would need for your four-legged friend. Keeping in mind the utility and service, these are available at just the click of a button. Get them home to make your journey as a pet parent much easier and enjoyable.

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