Portable pet car seat

Portable pet car seat

Portable pet car seat

Heading out with your pooch on a drive? I guess this is one activity that both of you look forward to. There is nothing like a relaxing travel with your fur baby by your side, enjoying the greenery of the sidewalk and singing your way through. When travelling, it is also important to consider the safety of your furry friend. Dogs sometimes get over excited while on a trip and since you will be on the wheel, you will not be able to be very alert as to his activities. For the safety of your pooch, we at Waggfluence present you a portable car seat that will keep your pet close to you at all times.

Waggfluence Portable Pet Dog or Cat Car Seat Nonslip is perfect for small dogs and cats, and features a nonslip design to keep your pet safe and secure. The seat is quite comfortable and if your dog feels like taking a nap during long car rides, this seat is perfect for it. For additional safety, the seat includes a built-in leash so that you can closely monitor his movements. It also features a nonslip design to keep your pet safe and secure.

Let your pet sit on his throne as you steer your wheels to your favourite spot. Keeping him intact while travelling will keep you free from worries and be able to enjoy the drive sans worries. At Waggfluence we understand all your concerns regarding the security of your pet and we also care for your stress-free mind while travelling. Get this home to reap the benefits!

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