Keep your kitty happy and joyful

Keep your kitty happy and joyful

Keep your kitty happy and joyful

Someone has truly said, “A kitten is, in the animal world, what a rosebud is in the garden.” Simply precious, unique and one of its kind, isn’t it? A kitten is the delight of any household. When it brings so much joy and happiness to you, wouldn’t you wish to reciprocate the same? After all, a happy kitty is a happier you. Waggfluence presents some toys that will make your kitten dance with joy, literally. These interactive toys are designed to relieve the cats of their boredom and provide them the much necessary exercise too. Your cat will love them so much that it could spend hours with it, running and chasing it. Let us show you a few of them which are not just toys but mood changers and happiness givers for your feline.

Waggfluence cat UFO toy- This interactive electric cat teaser toy is purrfect for your furry friend. The smart and automatic feather stick will keep your cat amused and interested in it. There are three adjustable speed settings which your cat can slowly adapt to while playing games. The bottom cleaning ring also helps to keep the area clean and tidy. If you have to leave behind your cat for long hours, this toy will keep it entertained in your absence, so that it does not feel lonely.

Waggfluence cat mouse toy- We all love the Tom and Jerry shows, right? The way Tom would love to chase Jerry was always the highlight of the show. This toy is going to give your ‘Tom’ the very delight of chasing his own ‘Jerry’. This funny cat toy is equipped with a hook that can be hung on the door frame. The total length of it can reach 1.8 meters, so you can adjust it according to the height that suits your cat. There is also a non-slip mat, so it is not easy to fall off. It is easy to set up and you will not regret getting this for your cat as it will keep it amused for hours.

Waggfluence cat automatic water fountain- Giving your cat the goodness of fresh oxygenated water that tastes great will be a super feeling for you too. This water fountain is beautiful and takes up a little of floor space adding to its advantage of you having it at home. The fountain gives your cat the feeling of closeness to nature. Your cat can choose between 3 different water flow settings to suit their needs. Give your kitty this awesome gift and revel in the happiness that shows on its face.

Waggfluence fun scratcher interactive toy for cats- We know how much you dislike your cat scratching your furniture. At the same time you cannot stop his natural instincts to do so. Getting this toy for your kitty would solve both of your problems. They will have fun scratching this toy which is durable, bite resistant and mouth friendly. Made of high quality ABS and TPR material, it is pet friendly and safe to be used. Not only does this toy increase your kitty’s curiosity and IQ, it also makes it happy and engaged.

Waggfluence automatic toy for cat play- Stimulate your cat’s curiosity by gifting this distinctive tumbler design and automatic movement feature toy. Its movement activates the cat’s instinct to chase and play with it. Made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS plastic material, it is healthy to be used by the cat. Since it can withstand aggressive cat scratching action, it is durable and worth your money. Available in three colors, choose one you like best.

What greater gift than the love of a cat! Get it in heaps as you gift your cat these toys to make it happy and cheerful. Waggfluence boasts of having only the best and pet friendly toys, so you would not have to worry on those lines. For more pet stuff, browse through and select the ones you need as of now. Keep shopping, be happy!


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