Poop picker essentials at every pet home

Poop picker essentials at every pet home

Poop picker essentials at every pet home

Like it or not, maintaining proper sanitation is a must at every pet home. The worst part about having pets is probably doing the dirty work of picking poop; but do we have an option? Waggfluence wants to make your journey as a pet parent simpler and easier at every step. So how could we be far behind in this one? Waggfluence presents you a lot of products that would make your task of picking pets’ poop less cumbersome. Like all products on our website, this one is also tried and tested to suit your needs to the full. Let us see what they are and how they function.

Pet poop problem solved by Waggfluence- This scooper is designed specifically to solve the problem of poop picking by the pet owners. It ensures easy and one-handed pick ups on all surfaces, making clean up quite easy, quick and sanitary. You do not have to worry about your hands getting messy as the scooper does it all touch free. The poop bags keep the poop intact until you find a garbage can to dispose it off sanitarily. Making picking up after your pet a breeze and commend yourself for buying stuff that is definitely worth the money.

Waggfluence poop picker with long foldable handle for dogs and cats- Keep your house and your backyard clean of any pet poop by using this poop picker that is made of environment friendly materials to ensure it is durable and non-breakable. Being light weight and made of non-stick plastic, the picker ensures a mess free pick by the user. The process is simple and involves just a single step of sliding down the lock for quick and easy use. Once done using, you can just unlock and fold it in half for convenient carry and storage. Since the handle is 24 inch, it provides a comfortable one-handed simple operation in picking up the messes.

Waggfluence 3 in 1 multifunctional dog water bottle with food feeder and poop dispenser for outdoor travel- Other than taking care of your pets’ food and drinking solution, this product comes with a poop dispenser to have a handy bottle for all your pet needs on an outdoor travel. So fret not if you have forgotten to carry a bag again; the poop dispenser takes care of it all. Carry it as a travel essential to make sure you have a fun filled, hassle free vacation with your pet.

Waggfluence new cat litter scooper- This cat litter scoop comes with a trash can which is large and has enough capacity to hold a certain amount of cat litter. This is convenient and also saves time in cleaning up after your cat. The litter bag can be placed directly and then removed easily after being filled. It is designed to filter cat litter easily avoiding waste. Made of high quality plastic, it is durable and easy to clean. Having a handle makes it more convenient to operate.

These poop pickers are all designed to make your work after your pet quite simple. Now say goodbye to messing your hands as you have a touch free solution to poop picking. Depending on your needs and requirements, you can go with any of them. Your trust in us boosts our morale and encourages us to work better in the direction of making pet parenting a lovely feeling. Keep shopping from us to get the customer satisfaction that we so religiously aim for!


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