Summer fun with pets

Summer fun with pets

Summer fun with pets

Biding time in summer can be a challenge simply because it is too hot to be outdoors. It is not just you but your pet as well looking forward to spending some play time with fun. Since hiking or jogging seems ruled out because of fear of having sun stroke, we at Waggfluence have rounded up a few ideas to chill, literally. Summer fun is possible and here lies the twist; do some activities to beat the heat and have an enjoyable time.

  • Waggfluence summer outdoor sprinkler interactive fun toy for dogs- An outdoor pet shower that doubles up as a pet water dispenser and a sprinkler toy is sure to bring lots of entertainment in your backyard. This toy has a pedal which when pressed by your pet’s paws sprays water upwards out of the four sprinkler holes with adjustable spray angles. Isn’t this a fun way to give your dog an outdoor, relaxing and comfortable bath? If your pet is one who is reluctant of taking a bath, this sure is one of the ways to make him fall in love with bathing. This dog toy come with two kinds of nozzles and can be used for all sizes of dogs. Bring home this splash water toy to sprinkle more excitement this summer.
  • Waggfluence swimming pool floats for dogs- Not all dogs love swimming. If your dog falls in that category, this swim float is a great way to let him enjoy the pool as you swim and keep an eye on him. The float raft has two holes at the bottom of each side for water to flow out giving a relaxing time to your pet in this sweltering heat. Since the float is light, it is easy to carry on trips or on water park picnics. It can support weight up to 40 kg. Made of nylon oxford cloth, it ensures that the dog won’t bite or scratch the material with its paw.
  • Waggfluence dog bath robe for small and large dogs- Dogs are naturally good swimmers and barring a few breeds most take to water easily and excitedly. If you and your dog make a lovely pair in the pool, it is a great summer workout and super fun too. Just like you need to carry a bathrobe for yourself, same goes for your fur baby too. Its coat should be dried fully and quickly so as to not cause any itchiness or skin irritation later on. After a bath with the sprinkler or in a pool, these bath robes are a must for your dog. Made of 100 % premium microfiber, it absorbs water well and is easy to clean too.


Make summer more fun by getting these pet essentials home. Beat the blues by beating the heat with entertaining ideas and pet toys from Waggfluence.

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