Why dogs eat grass

Why dogs eat grass

Why dogs eat grass

If you are a pet parent wondering about the same, then let us assure you that there are a good many that fall into the same bracket. Eating strange or non-food items like grass is technically known as pica. It is sometimes associated with a dog whose diet is deficient in some nutrients, vitamins or minerals. However, in several cases of dogs with a well-balanced diet too this problem seems to persist. Let us explore the reasons that make dogs eat grass.


There may be a digestive need filled by grazing. The roughage content that dogs require in their diet is filled by eating grass which is a good source of fiber. A lack of roughage affects their digestive system and stool passing, so grass may actually facilitate the digestion process and subsequent release of stool.

Boredom is another reason that vets think may trigger the dog’s need to eat grass. They need to help fill the hours they spend outside awaiting their owners to focus on them. Eating grass may also be an attention seeking response to busy pet parents in case the dogs are feeling neglected or dejected. A sense of anxiety in dogs may prompt them to eat grass much like people chewing finger nails in stress or anxiety. Whether the reason is boredom, anxiety or loneliness, it is seen that grass eating habit in dogs decreases as owner contact time increases.

Some feel that eating grass is something that is a reflection of their ancestry and their need to be scavengers. Though pet dogs do not have to hunt for food, but it is a response to their natural instinct to scavenge. It has been seen that many times dogs eat grass and vomit afterwards. Maybe they feel sick and bloated and since they know that eating grass may help them vomit and feel better, they do it as a natural medicine to settle their stomach. Despite several probable reasons, it yet remains to be ascertained whether dogs actually like the taste of grass and therefore eat it. Maybe they do, because most dogs are found eating grass in spring during emergence of new sprouts of grass.


Eating grass could be a normal behavior of dogs as some vets suggest, but it still carries its share of worries afterward. If the grass is sprayed by pesticides or insecticides, the ingestion of these may have an adverse reaction to the health of your dog. There are chances that they may consume small insects and germs along with the grass and fall ill later because of it. It should thus be a primary concern to make them stop eating grass. In case you suspect that your dog is eating grass as a sign of boredom or loneliness, start by giving more time to him. Change their food to a high fiber one to ease their digestive problems. Teach them to obey your command and you can divert them towards other activities the moment they start nibbling grass. Distract them by giving dog treats or dog toys that you may find at Waggfluence at amazing deals. For more news and views on pets, stay tuned!

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