Things to consider while choosing a pet sitter

Things to consider while choosing a pet sitter

Things to consider while choosing a pet sitter

Even though you never want to leave behind your pet, still there are situations or circumstances when you cannot take your pet along with yourself. In such conditions you want someone to look after your pet just the way you do, so that at least you can save a bit of the guilt you feel leaving them for a couple of days. Pet sitters come to your rescue but you want the best among them. How do you choose from them to ensure they can be a real care giver in your absence? After all, haven’t we all experienced pet sitters who are totally irresponsible and even leave pets hungry and thirsty, leave alone taking them out on walks. To save from such nightmarish scenarios, we have rounded up a few traits that you look for in your pet sitter, so you can be relaxed while leaving your fur babies to them.

  • Love for pets- It goes without saying that it should be the foremost on your list. Someone who adores pets and are natural friends to them will always bring comfort to your pet in your absence. You will know that they are not faking their joy in seeing your pet by trusting your instincts.
  • Responsible and educated- Your pet sitter should have requisite knowledge about the different breeds of pets, their specific nutritional needs and the potential dangers they could be in either around the house or outdoors. They should be familiar around your neighbourhood like pet stores, vet clinics, pet-friendly parks etc. They should have a fair idea on how to tackle emergency situations like if your pet falls ill or runs away. The pet sitter should be more than just feeding or walking your pet.
  • Their work schedule- Ideally your pet sitter should have a flexible schedule so that he/she can accommodate your pet’s needs. It would be best if they work as a pet sitter only and are not engaged elsewhere so that they can manage to fit in even at short notice. That way if you have an emergency meeting out of town, you know you can rely on your pet sitter to fill in.
  • Respects your wishes- Your pet sitter should work according to your instructions on when and how much to feed your pet, the walk times, the bed time and play time etc. This way at least your pet will not have any changes in his schedules and habits. When a pet sitter wants to have their way, you know you have made the wrong decision.
  • Has excellent communication skills- Your pet needs love in your absence as much as food and water. It would be great if your pet sitter bonds well with your pet, thereby alleviating the separation anxiety on both sides. Furthermore, it would be great if they could send you pics of your pet eating or playing so that you feel connected even when physically not present. Having a calming presence around your pet means that your pet sitter is the one.


Look for all of these when you are hunting for the perfect sitter match to your pet. Having one around is a real stress buster, especially if you have crazy work schedules and often have to take a trip out of town. A good pet sitter will not consider it just a job to look after your pet, but will enjoy spending time with him and earning some money as a bonus. At Waggfluence we feel the same while taking care of all your pet needs and making them available to you at your doorstep. Keep shopping with us!

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