Tunnel Refuge For Cats

Tunnel Refuge For Cats

Tunnel Refuge For Cats

Cats are solitary beings and like to spend some time on their own, just lazing around and enjoying their own company. They are also pretty fussy about their lounging area and their litter boxes. Comfy, clean and refuge from outside world is what they would love to have. At Waggfluence we want our products to suit the interest of your fur babies to perfection. Knowing their behaviour and designing pet supplies accordingly is our priority. That is why we have come up with tunnel designed beds for your kitty which gives them the much needed sanctuary from others present in the household.

Waggfluence new cat multi shape tunnel

This kitten tunnel cave is just right for cats that love their own space and guard it zealously. The tunnel structure gives them the impression that they are not visible to the outside world and can enjoy their solitary haven. It is made of comfy fabric and is available in a few colours for you to choose from. This tunnel bed is also interchangeable to suit every cat’s diverse interest, their personality and mood. It can be folded into varied shapes to give them a kind of newness once they are bored of the existing one. Since the cats would love to explore the shapes and insides of the tunnel, it also doubles up as a way to give your lazy friends some much needed exercise. The tunnel bed is also an attractive piece of pet needs and you can flaunt it in the corner of your room to add to the stylish décor. You also get bulk discounts on this one, so make sure to get them for your friend’s cats too to avail the attractive discount scheme.

Waggfluence cat tunnel

This cute tunnel refuge for your kitty is going to keep it entertained for hours. Lovely foldable product made of comfortable felt cloth is what your cat deserves for being a part of your family. Your cat can play and relax in it and have a great time with the tunnel both as a toy and as a bed. The tunnel can be unfolded to form a box bed to give your cat the benefits of two in one. The felt cloth is durable and easy to clean, so it is value for money and would make a sensible buy on your part. Bond well with your cat as you see him enjoy the fun this tunnel has to offer. We are sure your cat would thank you for getting such a wonderful gift that understands its needs perfectly.

We love it when you feel joyous at making the right purchase for your four legged friend and we love it even more when we feel that your fur baby uses it to the full. These tunnel fun beds are sure one of those pet products that qualifies both the aforesaid criteria. Buy it for your cat and see the magic it creates in its otherwise dull and lazy life. For more such products Waggfluence is always at your service!

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