Things to follow when taking your dog out on a walk

Things to follow when taking your dog out on a walk

Things to follow when taking your dog out on a walk

Walking your dog is an exercise time for both of you and probably one of the best ways to strengthen your bond even further. Going out is one thing most dogs look very forward to because they love the chance to explore and see the outdoors. There is no alternative to being amidst nature and enjoying the beauty natural surroundings has to offer. While going out on a walk with your dog, there are a few things which when kept in mind will make this time more productive and fun. Waggfluence prides itself on knowing the mindset of both the dogs and the dog parents to a considerable degree. So we bring forth some guidelines to follow to make your walk time with your best friend more enjoyable.

Variety is the spice of life

Walking the same trail and doing the same thing eventually gets boring for both of you. Make walk time a stress reliever for the two of you by forgetting all worries and being happy in each other’s company.  Make this a mentally and physically stimulating time for your pooch. You may change routes every once in a while to let the excitement of a new territory delight your dog. Bring in a few toys like Waggfluence kong jumbler ball dog toy with you sometimes and let the walk time be more playful. Playing fetch or any other game can bring so much novelty in the routine walk. Carry dog treats with you to reward him for behaving well and not pulling you along the sidewalks.

The leash and harness

Finding the right leash and harness is very important to make the walks better and more fun. If you keep tugging on the leash, not only is it annoying for the dog but it also hurts its throat if you are using a collar. Most pet parents like to use harnesses now which are available in different types and clips. Let your dog have its way if it is not undermining any safety regulations on the road or the sidewalk. A comfortable leash like Waggfluence fashionable hands free smart design led dog leash is both great for the pooch and easy on you too.

Don’t forget the poop bags

As responsible pet parents, it is important that you clean up after your pooch. Being aware of safe and clean environment is also as much our responsibility as the pooch we love. So do not forget to carry poop bags with you when on a walk. Having pet poop problem solved by Waggfluence or Waggfluence poop picker with long foldable handles can ease your job of cleaning up after your dog.

Carry the essentials

When on a walk you need to judge the essentials according to the time and weather outside. If it is hot, wait till sundown when it is cooler so as to not exhaust your dog in the heat. If you must take him out, try dog shoes to protect the paws from getting burnt in the hot surface. Waggfluence pet walking shoes are a great option to help you in such situations. These shoes also come in handy in very cold temperatures to protect the paws from freezing in the winters. When it is cold outside, consider using warm clothing for your fur baby. Likewise if it is rainy season, do not take chances and carry a raincoat with you even if it is not raining then, just to be on the safer side. Remember to carry a water bottle with you always to keep your pooch hydrated after a good run or chase. Try Waggfluence collapsible outdoor pet water bottle for a leak proof and useful carry.

While on walks give ample time to your pet for bathroom breaks. It is their natural instinct to sniff and be assured of their territory where they want to relieve themselves. This may take some time and you need to be patient and let them decide where and how long they want to stretch their bathroom breaks. Keeping simple tips like this in mind is sure going to work a long way in building lasting friendship between the two of you. We want to hear you say, “I want to walk with you fur ever.”

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