Training equipment for your fur baby

Training equipment for your fur baby

Training equipment for your fur baby

It is very important to train your dog for their healthy and happy mental and physical development. If you do it yourself, not only do you save on the expenses incurred on a trainer, but you get quality and quantity time with your fur baby which makes your bond even stronger and better. At Waggfluence we encourage you to train your dog so that your journey as a pet parent becomes easier and better manageable. That is why we have in stock a few products that are a must buy to help train your dog. These equipment help in your endeavor to teach them better and quicker and also stimulates the brain of your pet to keep them mentally agile. Let us have a look at a few of them.

Waggfluence dog training equipment sets with tunnel adjustable hurdle- This is perfect to keep your dog active and also to strengthen his muscles. If you want to get him ready for agility competitions, this equipment is all you need for it. The training set comes with an adjustable hurdle and tunnel to create the perfect obstacle course for your pup. They are made of durable plastic so that it withstands all the wear and tear of the training sessions.

Waggfluence dog adjustable doorbell for dog training- This doorbell has strong zacro bells that you can hang from any doorknob or handle. Now instead of hearing barking and scratching the door noise, you will get to hear the gentle jingle of Zacro bells. The doorbell length is adjustable to suit the likes of small, medium and large dogs. This is an easier and better way for your dog to communicate. Every time he needs something or wishes to go out, you can train him to ring the bell and alert you. The adjustable doorbell strap is made of nylon and there are 7 pieces of loud stainless steel bells.

Waggfluence dog training whistle clicker- For more effective following of your instructions while training your pup, this whistle comes in quite handy. You can train your dog to follow the clicks of the whistle to help you guide your dog better. The whistle clicker is made of durable PC material and comes in a handy key ring size for easy carrying. Give it a try and we are sure you will love the results.

Waggfluence electric training collar with remote rechargeable IP*7 waterproof- Dog training collar with remote is a great way to check your dog’s behavior. It is a positive reinforcement tool to communicate with your dog. The training effect is excellent; there is just one click execution and then it turns quiet. It is very helpful when going on a hike or camping as it can keep you leash free and still help you to keep your dog away from dangerous situations. The smart shock collar with electronic high-tech design makes the control range of the collar quite extensive. The standby time of the collar is 15 days and that of the remote is 20 days.

Waggfluence dog flying disc faster training interactive toys lightweight floating saucer- This flying disc makes a great fun play with your dog and is good for some quality physical exercise. It is also an important tool to train your dog to judge the flight of the saucer and make an attempt to catch it. Made of natural rubber, it is softer to catch and play both. It has a good float design so your dog can play with it in water also. The flat design also ensures higher and farther flight, thus making it more fun for the dog to play with it. Available in a variety of colors, choose one that suits you best.

These and more interactive toys at Waggfluence make it easier to train your dog in a fun loving manner. A trained pet makes your journey as a pet parent much better and relaxed. Try these products and let your pet have a blast.


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