Why fish make a great first pet for kids

Why fish make a great first pet for kids

Why fish make a great first pet for kids

Kids are always the most excited when it comes to having a pet at home. With the advent and proliferation of internet, it is a good idea to distract them from their electronic gadgets to more health friendly options. Having a pet can engage them positively for hours and teach them more about nature and the animals with their habitat. Gifting a fish to kids can always be a good step to help your child learn about the underwater world and the life that thrives in it. There are quite a few reasons why fishes could be a great first pet for kids. Let us see what benefits it can add to your kids’ life.

Low maintenance- Talking about pets, maintaining them needs a lot of time and attention. With so many tasks at hand, having a pet can be additional time consuming. These pets require constant attention and care. Cats and dogs need an ample share of your free hours looking after their daily needs. Having a fish is the easiest as you do not have to walk them or groom them. Feeding a fish is comparatively easy and your kid can shoulder the task without much effort.

Sense of responsibility- If you are contemplating on having cats or dogs as pets in future, having a fish first can be a good try to see if your child is ready to take up the responsibility. Notice how well they take to the routine of feeding them on time, switching the filter on and cleaning the fish tank when required. Tending to a pet teaches them kindness and compassion towards another life form. Learning from practical life will help them in their curriculum as well as a little of Biology, Chemistry and Zoology is included in their fish parenting journey.

Variety of fishes and fish tanks- A beautiful fish tank adds to the décor of your room and can be the centre of attention of all guests. The colourful and mysterious underwater scenery can attract the attention of the kids and make them inquisitive about underwater flora and fauna. The enigmatic charm of the fish tank increases their concentration level and variety of fishes make them learn about different colours and sizes.

The Aquarium therapy- If you haven’t heard of it yet, the aquarium therapy is quite effective and talked about these days. The serene underwater world, even though in miniature form can be a stress buster for many people. The deep tranquil blue of the water and the swimming fishes are known to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. Studies have proven that Aquarium therapy is useful in controlling several heart related diseases and in delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s. Autistic patients are also seen to be benefitting from the Aquarium therapy as spending some time in front of it and watching the fishes swim can heal many issues.

Bring a piece of nature home in the form of a colourful aquarium and see lives thrive in it. Show and introduce your kids to marine life and teach them how they breathe and eat underwater. Make this a fun learning experience for them both emotionally and intellectually. Waggfluence waterproof fish aquarium thermometer can prove to be a valuable accessory to your aquarium. For more products explore our website for a good shopping experience.




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