Tips to manage multiple pets

Tips to manage multiple pets

Tips to manage multiple pets

If you like being inundated by the love of your pet, chances are you want more of it. The easiest option is to bring home another pet to get an additional dose of unconditional love. Great as it may sound, it has its share of challenges and concerns. So before you decide to get another pet home, review your decision and consider the probable hitches. Here are some tips to make sure all your four legged friends are happy and harmonious under a single roof.

Before embarking on the journey to becoming a parent of multiple pets, sort it out with yourself. Ask yourself whether there is enough space in the house to accommodate another pet. All of you require your own personal space to spread out and relax. Multiple litter boxes or dog beds need space and your living quarters must have room for it all. Also, remember to seek approval of your landlord if you are a tenant as many landlords are not too keen on having a lot of pets in their apartment.

Money is an important part to take into account before welcoming a new pet. Caring for them does need a lot of money. There are expenses like feeding, grooming, regular vet visits and more to take care of. Take a close look at your budget and only then go ahead with your plan. You would never want to bring another pet home and then being forced to skimp on their care and nutrition.

Like siblings, pets have their share of fights and dislikes. When you bring your new pet home, introduce him to the existing one slowly and gradually. Let them sniff and size up each other. Keep them separate and gradually increase their exposure to each other. Always supervise their time together in the beginning. Keep their toys, food bowls and water bottles separate so that they do not feel threatened or scared by each other. Ask your vet for additional vaccines if necessary.

A lot depends whether you have two cats, two dogs or a cat and a dog. The nature of these mingling of buddies is different in different pairs. Two cats usually settle into tolerance and eventually friendship in most cases. Two dogs together may grow friendly in a matter of time but sometimes never bond no matter how hard you try. Cats may sometimes take months to accept a dog in the same house, so it is advisable to keep their nails clipped and claws trimmed for the sake of your dog not getting scratched.

As a pet parent a lot depends on how you help the two become friends. Give them both your time and not favor one over the other. At Waggfluence we try to make this journey of yours less stressful, so we home deliver all your pet supplies. Get going!

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