Treats for your canine

Treats for your canine

Treats for your canine

Where’s the party tonight? Well, there is no reason why there should not be a party every now and then both for you and your canine. After all, you have each other to celebrate and your love for each other to toast. While you must be wondering what to surprise your pooch with, the delicacies, the mouth-watering dog food, we at Waggfluence have you covered. With a variety of healthy and delicious treats for your fur baby, all you have to do is wait for a chance to reward him with one or celebrate with one of these delightful pet foods.

Fruitables pumpkin and blueberry mix dog treats- Combining nature’s tastiest fruits and vegetables, these dog treats are one of the finest fruitables you can find. Ingredients like pumpkin and blueberry are great for the gut health of dogs, so it is a combination of healthy and delicious food.

Henry home fries- These grain free home fries are definitely one of nature’s all-around healthiest food. Made of sweet potatoes, garbanzo bean flour, cinnamon and honey, they are natural products with no artificial colours or flavours. They are hand-made and freshly baked with a shelf life of one year, so it is also great to store and reward your pooch with some every now and then.

Banana bread dog treats- The bite sized loaves of banana bread, loaded with potassium are nutritious and delicious choice of a treat for your furry friend. Since they contain no fillers, no grain, no wheat, no soy, you can be rest assured that they will not result in upset stomach or any other digestive issues. They are also all natural with no artificial colours or flavours and no chemicals or preservatives.

Coffee cake- When you have that large cup of coffee, we are sure your dog looks at you smacking tongue over his lips. Well, now you can let him enjoy one too, or maybe something similar. Let them enjoy a tasty coffee cup treat made from their favourite peanut butter recipe. When the ingredients are oat flour, rice flour, cage-free eggs wildflower honey and cinnamon, there is no reason why you should deny your pooch the pleasure of having one.

These and more dog food at Waggfluence are just right to pamper your four legged friend with. Shop them online and store them as they have a long shelf life. Let your pooch waggle its tail in wonder and delight as you feed them one and all of these.

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